Young and male — is the iGaming player stereotype true?

By | February 22, 2021

When considering what makes a ‘typical bettor’, many often imagine a male aged between 18-35, but – according to Slotegrator – “there’s more and more reason to consider female gamblers and those in other age brackets as well”.

A new guide published by the iGaming software provider highlighted the importance of operators having an in-depth knowledge of their customers – whether that be gender, socioeconomic factors such as education and income and player behaviours.

One study carried out in Canada found that 58% of land-based casino bettors were male, which rose sharply to 78% when looking at online gamblers.

However, a 2019 survey carried out by the UK Gambling Commission found that online gambling engagement is rising among both females and males. 25% of males and 17% of females surveyed had gambled online in the past four weeks, with the numbers for both genders showing a 2% increase on the previous year. 

According to Slotegrator, education and income can also play a key role in shaping a player’s behaviour, citing examples from both Australia and Kenya.

In Australia, it explained, lower-income gamblers spend a higher percentage of their income on gambling, but those in higher earning brackets spend more overall. 

But in Kenya, gambling participation rates are higher among those from a lower socioeconomic background, with those who are unemployed participating in gambling the most.

An extract from the Slotegrator guide read: “While males make up a higher percentage of players than females, there are still substantial numbers of female players, especially in Europe and North America. 

“Lower-income countries have their fair share of frequent players, and while the 18-35 demographic has the lion’s share of slot players and sports bettors, huge numbers of older players spin and wager every day. 

“All told, while it’s safe to assume that for the most part online casino players are indeed young men, there’s more and more reason to consider female gamblers and those in other age brackets as well — at the end of the day, gambling is an equal-opportunity source of entertainment.”

To read the full article, titled ‘Know your target audience: A portrait of online casino players in 2021’, click here.

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