YouGov: 63% of Players Prefer Online Gambling

By | August 21, 2021

The major data analytics company, YouGov, has conducted global gambling market research and published the most relevant data in the latest news in the casino sector. YouGov has surveyed more than 17 000 respondents, covering 13 markets in America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Among other findings, the study reveals that the majority (63%) of the respondents, who engaged in gambling activities in the past 12 months, prefer to gamble at online casino sites rather than in brick-and-mortar venues. The highest percentage of iGaming fans was found in these countries:

India – 76%;
GB – 70%;
Italy – 69%;
Poland – 65%;
Australia – 63%.

Lotteries and sports betting were among the most popular types of digital games of chance, with 42% and 36% of players choosing these types of online gambling respectively. Casino slots (13%), online poker (10%), table games (10%), and betting on eSports (7%) were among less popular activities on the virtual gambling platforms.

The type game preferences also differ across different iGaming markets, but the lottery games and sports wagering remain among top gambling products. Lottery draws were the most popular online gambling activity in the UK (61%), Germany (58%), Poland (50%), Singapore (44%), France (36%), and Denmark (36%). The majority of Italian, Spanish, Australian, Mexican, Swedish, and US gamblers preferred sports wagering. And India was the only exception, with fantasy sports as a top gambling product, due to regulatory specifics in the country.

What motivates players to gamble online?

In its gambling markets study, YouGov has listed the main reasons for engaging in online gambling activities. While fantasizing about winnings is the top motivator for online lottery players, fans of sports/eSports wagering, table games, online slots, and poker games consider gambling a fun thing to do.

The possibility of a big win is the other huge motivator for more than 30% of table game, poker, and online slots players, as well as for those who bet on eSports.

The avid fans of financial and eSports betting, as well as fantasy sports and skill games enthusiasts, name a social aspect among secondary motivators. They also more often believe that gambling is a reliable way to earn money. 

Almost half of those who bet on sports events share their gambling experience with friends and family, while only 38% of bettors discuss gambling on social media. However, online casino, poker, and interactive lottery games players more often post about their gambling online than discuss it with relatives or friends.

YouGov also discloses the younger gamblers are more likely to talk about online gambling than those over 35. 63% of Gen Z players and 54% of millennial players are comfortable discussing their experience with friends and family, while over 25% of young players talk about participating in gambling activities on social media.

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