Women Have Become an Object for Gambling Harm UK Research

By | November 15, 2021

GambleAware has announced the winner of the £250 000 grant for working on research on women in gambling. The report will include data about women who gamble and the affected others. It will show the level of gambling harm among women. Check the latest casino news for more interesting updates.

The winner of the recent GambleAware grant has become a team led by Kelsey Beninger in collaboration with Maria Fannin, Sharon Collard, Dominique Webb, and Marina Smith.

The program will be based on the mixed-methods (multidisciplinary and multi-sector approach) and take about 18 months. The research will include active communication with gambling-harmed women on the interviews and community committees.

According to Alison Clare, Research Director at GambleAware, women have been never the main object in such researches. That’s why women’s experience of gambling harm was always left without attention. It’s also an important step to increase gambling awareness among all social groups. GambleAware’s purpose is to guarantee more responsible and safer gambling among all races, genders, ethnic groups, etc.

The main goals of the program

The research is a way to find the real-life experience of women in gambling, what type of harm is the most common, how the gambling activity influences women, and how to treat female gambling addiction.

Another important issue is the reason for gambling harm among women in the UK.

The program will also include launching future measures, policies, and treatments to decrease the level of gambling harm among women.

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