Will an Investment Growth in the iGaming Sector Go On?

By | June 12, 2021

As the news in the financial sector of the gambling industry states, the iGaming industry has shown more than 100 per cent growth in recent 10 years.

As the regulations on gambling become stricter, the industry is facing new challenges. Following the challenges, the questions appear – can a prominent rise in investments continue?

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During the online event, “iGaming NEXT ONLINE: Bright Future,” experts from the US and Europe have discussed the tendencies in the industry and have brought up challenges that both, the operators and the investors, are going to face. 

Thomas Allen, the managing director in Morgan Stanley, said that the focus of the investing sector shifted from revenue to profit in the last 6 months. This change, at the same time, could become beneficial in a long-term deal. Mr Allen has also outlined the importance of the B2C operators to European and Australian companies. However, in the case of the US market, such companies could become profitable only by 2024.

Andreas Aaen, a Partner at Symmetry Invest, has highlighted that the market affiliation is inevitable, as the regulators worldwide strengthen and the gambling problems among users rise to prominence. This aspect means that the smaller companies won’t be able to live up to the change, and the investors would be willing to work only with big affiliate companies nowadays. However, the operators inclined to take on the challenge that could benefit in the long term. Both speakers have also outlined the importance of the sustainability factor when branding the funds.

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