Why UK’s Gambling Review May Have Consequences Beyond Its Shores

By | June 30, 2021

Gambling has always been a big part of British culture – heading to the races for the day and placing bets on the horses is an incredibly popular pastime for English people.

However, the way British people gamble has slowly been changing over time and that’s seen a rise in calls for improved legislation and an increase in restrictions in order to protect those that are most vulnerable to addiction. In the late 90s, the internet was introduced and online gambling gradually took over the internet. Instead of heading to a betting shop or watching the races in person, customers began to favor sitting in the comfort of their own space to place bets.

Why are changes being made?

It was this online gambling revolution that prompted the first change in regulations when the UK Gambling Commission was formed. While the Gambling Commission helped to legitimize online casinos, the government was faced with the problem of an increasing number of people that were becoming addicted to gambling. In light of this, some changes have taken place – the maximum bet allowed at fixed odds betting terminals was reduced from £200 to £2 in 2018, and in April 2021, it became illegal to gamble with a credit card. However, the number of gambling addiction cases is still reported to be growing – it’s clear that more needs to be done and it’s looking fairly likely that there will be a review of the current regulations soon.

The UK is keen to ensure that responsible gambling is heavily promoted and that everyone who places a bet does so safely and within reason. As such, gambling regulations are often revisited and changed – to keep with the ever-changing why users of gambling services are changing and adapting.

For example, 15 years ago mobile betting would have been something very rare. However, the development of smartphones and mobile devices means that online gambling is something that has grown in popularity. This change in technology has changed the way we all use our devices and betting is no exception. As such, UK gambling regulations need to be revisited every now and then to make sure they are still relevant to the way people are accessing the gambling industry.

What is likely to change?

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