Why Regulation of Market Is So Important for LATAM

By | July 5, 2021

Thanks to the exponential growth in the regions of LATAM, the market of this country is one of the most opportunistic lands of all time. Follow our casino news to stay informed about the most popular place for the iGaming market.

Brazil is one of the main markets of the strategically largest ones in Latin America. According to the culture, the number of football fans, and popularity of the sports betting, there’re lots of new gambling opportunities.

It’s a fact that in this country, people play bingo, make sports betting on football because it’s the most popular kind of sport in Brazil. However, the gambling industry hasn’t been allowed since the 1940s. While it’s not been controlled and regulated by the government, the money profit is going away from Brazil.

So when Brazil becomes a fully regulated market, this country can be one of the three largest markets in the world. Fernando Garita and Hugo Baungartner, the speakers of this session, are sure that the regulation of the gambling market is up just to the government.

What to expect after the regulation of the market in Brazil

The sports betting market can be grown over $1 billion. The prediction of how fast it will become the truth is within 5 years. Respectively, it will be the income for Latin America. Steps to the regulation of the gambling market can’t just only save the economy of Latin America, but to raise it.

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