Why Do Casinos in LATAM Opt for Omnichannel Solutions?

By | August 29, 2021

Many news articles in the casino sector confirm that the gambling markets of Latin America are becoming more and more developed. Many land-based casinos are beginning to apply omnichannel solutions at casino venues.

In terms of omnichannel gambling, an operator provides a means for the player to gamble across multiple channels and a customer experience is joined up across those channels.

During the Gaming Americas Q3 Meetup conference, experts from several gambling companies have discussed the application of omnichannel solutions for the gambling markets of Latin America.

Chris Dempsey, Managing Director at Playtech’s IGS, claims that the biggest benefits of applying omnichannel solutions in gambling, including sports betting and casinos, are:

Speaker states that in the last 5 years, casino ops across the world are working to build a steady relationship with the customer and, thus, turn to omnichannel solutions.

Georges Didier Flores, LATAM Government Relations and Business Development Representative at Gaming Laboratories International, has answered a question about the role of gambling regulators in the matter. The expert states that to create working omnichannel solutions in the markets of Latin America, the gambling authority should set an attractive tax, specify controls, establish good internal procedures and technical regulations.

Domenico Mazzola, a Commercial Director at Altenar, states that the casino operators in the LATAM market should follow the lead of their European companions and work with different providers for specific gambling products.

Cristian Acuna, Head of Sales at Play’n GO, the omnichannel in gambling markets of Europe and LATAM. The expert believes that the key point is to access the Latin American customers with the technology that is available to them. While the 5G is a reality for the USA and many European countries, it’s not attainable for the players in LATAM. According to Acuna, it’s also important to know the needs of the customer in a specific region.

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