Where Do Stolen TikTok Videos Go?

By | March 31, 2022

YouTube has always been trying to be one of the hottest trends in the digital world. That is how YouTube Shorts came out. However, the platform has already faced three categories of scams: affiliate dating, promotion of retail and weight loss products, and stolen TikTok videos. More news is on the GBC website.

YouTube Shorts is the easy-to-use space for short videos on YouTube, as an analog of TikTok, where short videos are the main constituents. However, some users have distinguished themselves by their ingenuity and started to post videos from TikTok.

The biggest number of scammers are in India. And the reason for it is the recent ban on TikTok. It is also obvious that TikTok’s ban influences such activity. Scammers can increase their money income by tricking users of social media websites into clicking on links on their videos.

However, there is no effective way to fight them and provide a YouTube Shorts platform with no scams. Tenable’s research engineer Satnam Narang is sure that until another popular platform comes up, the scammers will be actively using this one.

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