What’s Next for Gambling in the UK?

By | June 3, 2021

Almost every part of our life was shaped by the pandemic disaster that fell on Earth last year. A gambling world in the UK was not an exception. Of course, it’s not going anywhere, but new trends and changes are already set in motion. According to gambling news, we are about to face enormous growth in online gambling. But let’s look at the numbers.

According to Gambling Commission statistics, overall gambling’s gross decreased by £84.1m from April 2018 to March 2020. Decline hit of non-remote betting — like casinos, bingo, and lottery. But, at the same time, GGY (or gross gambling yield) increased for remote gambling disciplines — and it’s an interesting trend.

If there is a sports event, there will be bets

Of course, it’s logical for people to do online betting during the pandemic, but gamblers need to have something to stake on! Sport is alive, and so is the gambling world in the UK. The bulk of the market is taken by football — it’s 48.4% of bets, with horse racing as the runner-up with 28%. It turns out it’s possible to have big sports events even during the COVID-19 outburst without cheering crowds packing up the stadiums. It’s easier for sports fans to watch and analyze the match remotely and make an online bet. It’s a new experience for gamblers.

And nowadays, players, who are using mobile technologies, have instant access to online betting, streaming, and Live Dealers. So, digital casinos and other online betting platforms benefit greatly from it.

For now, experts predict that online gambling will increase by $80m by 2024, and we can only wonder what new features will adopt online gambling. Thus, many exciting new things are waiting for those who like to put their luck to the test.

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