What Will Happen Once Sports Betting Is Legal in All of the US?

By | July 16, 2021

Sports betting is one of the most enjoyable activities around the world. One could even argue that this activity has been done since the beginning of sporting activities.

Nowadays as time continues to go on by, the sports betting industry has become one of the brightest up and coming sports entertainment industries around, especially with all the technological advancements that are around, with more and more fans lured day in and day out to bet online on their favorite sporting events and activities.

While around the world the activity that is sports betting is not frowned upon and it’s considered legal and by the book line of work and business in the United States the reality has for a long time been another. But with more and more states starting to legalize sports betting in all its forms, one can’t help but wonder, why has it taken so long and what will happen down the line? Let’s explore what the results of legalizing sports betting across the US might bring.

The present reality for sports betting in the US

Up until the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2018 that overturned the 1992 Pro and Amateur Sports Protection, sports betting in the United States had been illegal, excluding certain exceptions such as casinos and other establishments with special permits to allow this kind of activity. As of the year 2018 though, 31 states across the US have legalized sports betting to different degrees with 17 others working towards legalization by the year 2022 and three others either not making any moves towards changing their stance on the activity or Utah, where gambling is prohibited by the state’s own constitution, meaning it’s a no for Utah.

While one of the three most populated states in the US, Florida, has already legalized both physical and online sports betting activity, it is expected for California and Texas to both join Florida, causing even more of a pressure effect for other states to join. By the US completely legalizing sports betting as a legitimate business activity and industry, it would be assuring itself of an industry that could easily rake in almost $70 billion in profits yearly.

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