What New German Tax Means for Poker Players

By | June 30, 2021

The new tax is a whole change for online casinos, online betting, and online poker. What will it change for players and operators in Germany? And what does the DVTM criticize? Check more poker news to know everything about the topic.

Everything that players need to know is that the new taxation regime is connected with a turnover tax. For online poker, it means that when players buy in for €100 and play at least one hand, the operator will be charged €5. This tax is 5.3% and that’s what the German Telecommunications and Media Association (DVTM) criticizes.  

Expert opinion on this innovation

The Ministry of Finances says that this tax can generate additional taxes of over €1.3 billion. However, the main reason why DVTM doesn’t support these laws is that the model puts at risk the major aim of the new GlüStV – bringing customers to a regulated market. It would also destroy the secondary player protection goals of the new State Treaty on Gambling. The proof of this assumption is that 50% of customers will be forced into the black market.

Some of the companies will be forced to offer less high-stakes cash games. For example, PokerStars has already announced maximum bets:

no-limit hold’em – one-two dollars;
six-plus hold’em – 2 dollars;
Tempest – $1/$2.50/$5;
Games with set limits – three, six dollars.

German players also will stay in the same liquidity fund with players from other countries. But they will pay a different sum when they win the pot.

Operators will try to stay at the same level of German customer service, but these changes for online poker are inevitable.

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