What Is Responsible Gambling?

By | December 3, 2021

Gambling is fun, entertaining, it gives an adrenaline rush. However, it is also a risk, possible addiction, and deteriorated relationships with one’s close surroundings. The latter disadvantages may appear in the lives of those gamblers who do not know when to stop. Thus, it is always crucial to understand that gambling can NEVER be the source of earning money.

Alongside licenses, casinos should ensure they have a designated section for responsible gambling on their website. It is an information block that can help both registered and unregistered users to understand what possible risks they are exposed to, and how to play in the best and safest manner. As of now, responsible gaming stands for the two following basics:

it is a broad concept that encompasses a number of policies gambling operators comply with to ensure their users are protected from the side effects of online gambling;
gambling should be regarded as a recreational activity ONLY, rather than a means of earning money. While the majority of people can approach gambling as a recreational activity and spend just what they can afford to risk, it can be more challenging for some individuals.

Then, responsible gambling involves the following areas:

utmost protection of vulnerable casino/bookmakers’ users;
advanced prevention of underage gambling. It should be accessible ONLY to people of full legal age (that age may vary among countries);
establishment of safety measures against criminal outcomes where casinos may be used to scam people;
protection of information privacy, including gamblers’ personal information, their banking credentials, etc.;
establishment of online payment protection – how gamblers deposit and withdraw money;
assurance of only secure online environment, where casino products stand for FAIR PLAY only;
provision of ethical and responsible marketing – no pushing clients toward depositing.

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