What Is Integrity in Sports Betting Industry?

By | November 25, 2021

The betting industry is a popular gambling sector that has never stopped growing. And the main factor of this business is integrity. What’s the regulatory establishments’ role in ensuring integrity?

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The main goal for all betting companies is to guarantee betting integrity to the consumers. This characteristic is defined as the honesty of the betting sense. Consumers must trust the operators before placing real money betting on the favorite team or athlete.

Talking about all the sides of the betting business, there are four of them:

sports organization;

What are sports betting integrity fees?

The sports betting industry is still full of doubts from regulators and society. Some of the markets cannot decide if sports betting should be legal or not. One of the most frequently mentioned factors in such issues is integrity fees.

They are also described as taxes on legal sports betting. They are most common in the most played sports in the world, specifically in the NBA and Major League Baseball.

The betting integrity fees have been actively developed in France and Australia, which positively influence the sports betting markets.

The main peculiarity of the integrity fee for the sports leagues is the fact of the independent status of the set amount of wagers from the bookmaker’s revenue. Accordingly, 20% of the sportsbook’s revenue is going to the leagues (a 1% fee and a 5% hold, one percent integrity fee).

Sports betting integrity fee: what do leagues get?

The US sports betting industry’s net worth is counted by $200 billion, according to the percentage of the integrity fees for leagues, the payment sum is around $2 billion.

However, there’s a doubt about the need to pay integrity fees to the leagues, because of the absence of leagues’ direct participation in the sports betting industry. League Championships are the main events for the betting business, but the main participants are still regulatory authorities and operators.

What is match-fixing?

The match-fixing match is defined as an event, the results of which are influenced by the third parties who are not supposed to. Such sports events are also identified as suspicious. There can be many involved people like players, teams’ managers, referees, support staff, officials, etc.

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