What Canada Can Learn from Nations with Legalized Betting

By | July 1, 2021

Sports betting and gambling have always been difficult topics to tackle. Much like alcohol and tobacco, these are things that are regarded as bad, but at the same time, it’s a product that people want. So, states and governments were always making compromises on these issues.

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As a result, there are pros and cons that come with legalizing sports betting, and there is an entirely new set of problems governments have to deal with if they legalize it. Here we will deal with regulations in Canada, or more specifically what they can learn from European nations where gambling is legal.

Current situation

Let’s start with how things currently are. As far as sports betting goes, Canada does not prohibit it, but it does limit your options. For starters, you cannot bet on single events or so-called parlays. This might be very confusing. On one hand, it seems like the state wants to make it more difficult to win, but on the other hand, if only inferior options are available, then people are less likely to play. 

Unfortunately, this kind of arrangement doesn’t really work from what we can see. Canadians are using offshore websites in order to place bets that they want, rather than using options available at home. In other words, allowing single-match bets would be beneficial for multiple reasons.

More funds stay within the state

The first benefit of legalizing single-match bets is that more funds will remain in the state. This means that there are more. This means taxes will be higher for those institutions, and that those businesses will grow at the same time. This then leads to more jobs and a bigger budget that can help the community.

Normalizing gambling

The problem that may pop up is that consumer behavior can lead to the normalization of gambling. This is something that people tend to have a problem with, but there are already laws that oblige the providers to promote responsible gambling. If you were to look at online casinos where people play slots, roulette, and poker, you will see that all of the legitimate sites actually warn people about spending money. This is very similar to how cigarette packs have images of unhealthy lungs along with the warnings pertaining to the side effects of smoking. 

Photo Source: Pixabay

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