What Can the Ban of Betting Sponsorships in Italy Lead To?

By | August 3, 2021

Following the latest betting news, betting sponsorships are not allowed in Italy. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) requested the cancellation of betting sponsorship and advertising ban. It must help the sports sector in Italy to earn the lost income.

The Italian government banned the advertising for the first time on January 1st, 2019. In its turn, it banned commercial marketing in the country, there were no product placements, branded items distribution. The influencer marketing in the country was one step away from the full destruction.

But the Italian football teams could get around the ban. They made deals with foreign companies outside Italy.

Moreover, Minister Mario Draghi wants to change the whole betting market in the country. The reforming will start from licenses and their number per one year. Mario Draghi plans to legalize 50 instead of 85 gambling licenses per year. The Minister wants to reach it by 2023.

Gabriele Gravina, the FIGC President, is sure that the ban from the government will cause a crisis. It will make the Italian sports sector go down. He also sees in it the risk of a decrease in direct and indirect tax contributions.

The FIGC’s requirements to save the sports betting market

According to the FIGC, to earn back all the financial losses, at least 2 years are required. The Federation asked the Italian government to cancel the ban until June 30, 2023.

There was also an offer to create a Football Savings Fund. 1% of all online and offline sports bets in Italy will be sent to a national fund. It can help to support all the football projects in the country.

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