What Can Lead to More Land-Based Casinos in France?

By | February 19, 2021

The Interior Ministry of France reviews the possibility to change the legislation related to the requirements for brick-and-mortar casinos. The LoginCasino team finds the most interesting casino news and describes the situation in France this time.

Being under the Ministry of Interior jurisdiction, French gambling legislation can be changed in terms of requirements to land-based venues. Sources inform that the Ministry plans to soften the requirement towards the minimum number of citizens in a region to pretend for casino establishment in the location.

The recent law allows brick-and-mortar gambling venues only in the seaside locations, spa cities, and settlements with over 500K population. And according to the new requirement, casinos might start to provide services in the regions with only 100K population.

Why is this initiative actual?

According to the spokespersons, some of the France regions don’t receive all the possible benefits because of industry absence. Thus, lawyers gave the Ardennes region instance, the citizens of which prefer visiting neighboring Belgium to play in casinos. Recently, Ardennes’s total population has been estimated at 270K, which will fit with the new requirements.

At the same time, the officials want to attract more attention to smaller local cultural places. Thus, the talk is about building casinos in the old castles, which can attract both tourists and the younger population, which avoids visiting such sites.

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