What Are NBA Player Props & NBA Prop Bets?

By | August 30, 2021

Thanks to the NBA player props and NBA prop bets, real fans can take a part in the future season of the biggest basketball league. Support your favorite team or player via betting. Below you can find the best bookmakers and sites for bets on NBA. Check the hottest sports news not to miss updates.

What is a proposition bet? The prop bet or a side bet is created for betting on the possible event that doesn’t affect the game’s final outcome.

In general, proposition bets can be:

number of strikeouts;
probability of the score;
which team will score the first points;
the discipline and behavior of the team in a match;
on each event during the match that doesn’t influence the final score.

A fixed part of a game or match for any result in prop bets is called spot-fixing.

Specific intermediate results during the match on which you can bet:

the number of balls or strikes are thrown;
which team will score first.

This kind of betting is created more for entertainment, but not for the opportunity to earn money.

The most popular NBA prop bets will be on points, rebounds, and assists during the game or season. The main ability to bet on NBA props is understanding the statistical performance of players and teams in one of the most watched sports in the world. That’s the point of prop bets.

Peculiarities of NBA player props

This kind of prop bet is for those who want to guess the actions of the favorite or just a popular player. The bet also can be made on the event that will happen to the member of any team.

It is based on the statistical performance of the player during the exact match.

There’re a few categories of player bets:

in a total;
in over;
in under.

For example, Anthony Davis scores over or under 20 points in a game.

What you can bet on:

the points;
the assists;
the rebounds individually with an individual line for each player;
player’s total performance (over or under).

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