Veikkaus Will Require to Set a Loss Limit for Slot Machines

By | August 25, 2021

Finnish state gambling monopoly, Veikkaus, continues to impose mandatory loss limits for games of chance. The recent news in the casino sector reports that the limitations are extended to include physical slots.

As of September 1, players will be required to set a loss limit before playing on slot machines at kiosks, shops, restaurants, transport stations, and in-house arcades.

Similar to the requirements for the virtual casino sites, the daily limit for physical slots is set at €500, while the monthly loss amount is €2 000. Veikkaus discloses that half of the online casino players set the monthly limit at circa €100.

In addition, slots fans can’t gamble offline without identity verification. This requirement came in force in January 2021 for the physical slot machines at shops, kiosks, and restaurants. For in-house arcades, the change took place in July.

Susanna Saikkonen, Director of Responsibility at Veikkaus, states that these new requirements are a part of the company’s responsible gambling agenda. By imposing loss limits, the gambling monopoly is offering its players a safe and comprehensive tool to manage their gambling profits and losses.

Slot gaming decreased by 30% in 2021

The loss limits for slots and other gambling restrictions have affected the sector. In 2021, offline slot gaming has decreased by 30 percent from the level of early 2020. The number of slot machines in the country was also down by 40 percent from the last year.

At the same time, Saikkonen highlights that the amount of player’s losses on slot machines has significantly decreased in 2021.

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