Valuable Online Gambling Statistics 2021

By | July 16, 2021

Gambling is one of the most widespread hobbies among people and casinos are typically associated with luxurious entertainment. Of course, there are lots of gambling joints that are nothing like the casinos seen in Las Vegas, but the theme of those establishments is still lush riches and golden colors.

One of the newest trends in the world of gambling is online casinos, and these have absolutely massive user base. In fact, it is one of the biggest and fasters growing industries of today. To that end, it would be interesting to go over some of the fun facts or online gambling statistics.

First online casino

We know that there are thousands of online casinos nowadays, and more keep popping up. This is because the regulations are becoming less strict and more countries are willing to regulate this form of entertainment. However, the first online gambling act was passed in Antigua and Barbuda back in 1994, and it was at this time that the first online casino company was formed called Microgaming.

Clearly, it did not see as much traffic as gambling platforms have today, simply because a lot fewer people had access to the internet at that time. Also, there are many companies that claim they are the first online casino company, but Microgaming has already claimed that title. 

First online sports betting site

Seeing how online casinos have a massive potential it didn’t take long for sports betting sites to go digital as well. It is another form of entertainment that started to boom, once more people had access to the internet and smartphone. The first betting site was launched in 1996 and its name was Intertops. Other platforms were soon to follow, and today we have betting sites and casino sites that offer both types of entertainment.

First online poker site

The first site that allowed users to play poker online was called Planet Poker and it was formed back in 1998.  Players quickly discovered this platform mainly because it was promoted by Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, a six-time champion in WSOP. It didn’t last long though, as it had to be taken down due to many technical issues but it clearly revealed that there is a big interest for those sites.

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