Vaccinated Players Can Get a Free Draw in Romanian Lottery

By | June 7, 2021

As it has been announced in the local lottery news, Romanian Loto has started a new initiative to promote vaccination among its participants.

Loteriei Romane general director S.I. Moga has noted that the event is targeted at an audience, eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine shots and that it has been launched in support of the national vaccination campaign.

After receiving the first dose of vaccine, players can enter a free raffle and take their chances at winning one of the five prizes worth a total of 50 000 LEI.

American inspiration

Romania’s initiative could be influenced by the United States, as the US lottery has announced similar events in some states. The total worth of the American event is 1 million USD. In Romanian Loto’s alternative, winning’s total worth is 100 000 LEI (approximately 2450 USD).

To partake in the event Romanians will have to buy a raffle ticket from any of the Loto’s games (including Joker, Loto 6/4, and 5/40) in the time range between June 14th and 27th.  The players will also have to provide their personal information on the tickets and submit them to the Loteriei Romane office.

The raffle will be telecasted live on July 4th on the local TV show “Romanians are lucky”. Lottery participants can also check results on the official website of Romanian Loto.

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