Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Gambling Craft Affiliate Program

By | March 2, 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for online casinos to promote their services. At the same time, digital platform owners can also benefit from the collaboration with gambling websites. The affiliate program from Gambling Craft is one of the top offers for webmasters.

Gambling Craft allows webmasters to monetize their traffic in few easy steps and get a stable profit. Be sure that you will find many advantages, which can boost your revenue from online resources.

In addition to a high-performance affiliate platform, the company, which has started its journey in 2013, is also an owner of three top licensed online casinos – Play Fortuna, Booi, and Jozz.

What revenue models does Gambling Craft offer?

Gambling Craft has three classic types of cooperation with webmasters:

revenue share;
CPA (cost per action);
and hybrid system.

Each of these models has advantages, and website owners should choose what is more convenient for them and reasonable in terms of their traffic.

The first type, revenue share, means that the affiliate network and a webmaster share the generated revenue from advertising. Gambling Craft offers to share the revenue applying the 20%/50% principle for the first three periods. Then a webmaster will be paid according to the statistics. The second model is CPA. It allows partners to earn money when players do required actions, for example, sing up at the casino or replenish the balance. The affiliate program pays up to $300 for an acquired user, but all detailed terms should be discussed with a personal manager. The hybrid approach combines the two above-mentioned types, and it is also a profitable offer. It can bring a webmaster up to $100 000 monthly.

It is worth mentioning that the affiliate program works with partners based on a formula (which can vary depending on certain terms) – ((In – Cashier In Fee – Royalty Fee) – (Outcome + Cashier Out Fee – Royalty Fee)) * Revenue Percentage. It helps them to easily calculate how much they can generate from their traffic.

Regions that the affiliate network covers

Gambling Craft has broad coverage, including the CIS and European countries. To be more specific, they are the following:

The Czech Republic;

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