UK’s CSJ Calls for Affordability Checks

By | May 18, 2021

Today, many regulated countries promote responsible gambling instead of banning the industry as we can read in the regulatory gambling news.

Gambling regulators must protect users from the problems caused by this vertical. The Center for Social Justice has provided the results of the recent study dedicated to gambling harm and prevention measures.

CSJ offers the solution

According to the CSJ, gambling entertainment can cause personal, psychological, and financial damage. There is no reason to ban gambling, consumers should be free at all times to bet on what they want, but somehow, regulators have to make sure that the operators do not promote gambling. This has to be achieved through regulations and standards.

Today, the vast majority of gambling operators profit from users who have a problem with gambling. The LCCP of gambling operators does not contain any measure for this, and they have a vague provision in the Code of Social Responsibility that regulators offer. The CSJ sees an affordability check as one of the solutions to this problem. According to the organization, service providers have to take at least minimum steps to make sure that gamblers can afford themselves spending money on this entertainment.

The CSJ offers the following:

1. The financial data of each player must be collected.

2. The ombudsman could monitor online gambling operators and banks to keep track of money and thereby monitor the well-being of players.

3. Operators get notifications from the ombudsman and follow its decision.

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