UKGC’s Survey Proves Cash Is Popular Payment Method in Casinos

By | June 25, 2021

According to the latest financial news, people usually pay with cards, but not with cash. This traditional kind of payment has become more uncomfortable and time consumed. But what about the gambling industry and land-based casinos? Are customers ready to shift away from cash payment totally?

The first country, where this transition was so conspicuous was Britain. In 2018, UK Finance reported that cards are more popular than cash among customers. And obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic made it faster. More than a half of payments are made by cards for now.

The main companies in the gambling industry give people the right to choose what payment method they prefer. But what customers think about this transition?

Customers about best payment method in gambling

More than 70% of customers are sure that cash makes it easier to control all costs. So do not spend this much by paying with cash.

85% of customers believe that cards and online banking make them spend more money than they planned. But at the same time, it doesn`t take much time as a cash payment.

Gamblers also feel that they will not be able to stick to their budget by paying with cards or using online banking. However, for many people, it`s so important to stay on the play while playing.

From an online survey, it has become clear that people would rather pay with cards while shopping, dining out in a restaurant than use cashless payment in gambling.

The solution for this problem of spending without any control can be a special system for recording information about transactions. It could be a great solution to avoid any risk. However, 33% wouldn’t be happy if operators had full information about their payment story. And only 22% of customers liked that idea.

Obviously, land-based casinos can’t shift away from a cash payment completely. There’re so many online banking apps that help to control all spending of a customer. So the gambling industry is giving a right to choose what payment method is the most comfortable.

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