UKGC Statistics Reveal Players’ Interest in Safer Gambling Tools

By | July 30, 2021

The announcements about regulators launching tools for safe gambling can be frequently found in the news about the casino industry. The UK isn’t the exception with its set of such tools and requirements for operators to ensure a secure gambling environment.

However, are players really interested in them? The answer to this question is available in the recent UKGC’s report.

The poll revealed the most used tools

The survey involved eight thousand British gamblers who answered the questions concerning the terms and conditions page on casino websites, self-exclusion systems, and financial limits. Participants have been asked what they think about operators’ T&C page – whether this information is easy for understanding, cases of unfair terms and conditions, etc. Other questions in the poll touched upon GAMSTOP and other self-ban tools.

The research has shown that the majority of casino players know about the website section with terms and conditions, but not all of them want to read it. Only 14 percent of gamblers who played for the last year read this information. Sixty-five percent of online casino customers aren’t interested in reading T&C. Twenty-one percent of players even don’t know that such information can be found on a website. Seventy percent of those who read it say that everything was pretty clear, while 31% had cases when T&C seemed complicated or unfair to them. What is interesting, male and younger players are usually aware of the availability of terms and conditions more often.

As for safer gambling tools and limits, the opportunity to restrict gambling spendings is the most popular among players. Eight percent of players have used it, while 51% know about it but haven’t benefited from it. Only 2 percent of players applied gambling blocking software, the same percentage of customers blocked a bank card for gambling. Those who have used a self-exclusion system also comprise two percent. At the same time, the percentage of those casino visitors who aren’t aware of all these opportunities for safer gambling is quite high – 72% don’t know about casino blocking software, the same number of players haven’t been informed about self-exclusion tools.

The statistics show that the younger audience, as well as online and active players, more tend to using safer gambling opportunities.

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