UKGC Issues Another Fine: Who Is Under the Fire This Time?

By | September 2, 2021

The news about the casino industry in the UK informs that the Gambling Commission has accused one of the operators of infringing the law related to anti-money laundering and responsible gambling.

Daub Alderney, an iGaming company owned by Rank Group, is an announced lawbreaker. Read the overview of the situation in this news article.

GC warns ops about consequences via real-life examples

Login often highlights the most cause celebres connected with operators’ breaches of gambling law in countries across Europe. Great Britain’s regulator is also a frequent involvee in the stories about fines.

This time the regulatory body has charged a penalty to Daub Alderney under the name of which several websites provide gambling services. The Gambling Commission explains that there has been an investigation concerning the company, during which several violations of the law have been revealed. One of them was a failure to comply with anti-money laundering provisions. Another one was connected with inability to promote responsible gambling among customers.

The UKGC provides examples of how the operator breaks the law. The accusations are based on the firm’s focus on its online gambling profits rather than on players’ safety. The websites allowed users to spend considerable sums of money on playing games without taking the required measures for protecting them against problem gambling. In addition to this, the operator couldn’t meet all the necessary anti-money laundering standards, including not having enough control in this vertical.

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