UKGC: How COVID-19 Influenced British Gambling Sector

By | July 16, 2021

The British Gambling Commission has analyzed the gambling behavior of the public during the pandemic overall and specifically in May 2021, publishing the results and the gathered operational data in the most recent casino news.

The study reveals the increase in the players’ gambling activity during the pandemic, with half of the respondents reporting a rise in the amount of time spent on gambling, whereas many haven’t changed their gambling habits at all. Find out more about the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on the players’ gambling patterns and the iGaming market in general.

Young people are more likely to gamble during the pandemic

Although the global lockdown gave a chance for players to reflect on their spending and gambling habits, for many this did not result in any decrease in the time and money spent on gambling. The UKGC found out that the younger respondents were more likely to increase their gambling activity and spending with less concern about the change in their gaming patterns.

The gambling authority lists the following reasons as primary for such a change in the gambling market:

the high accessibility of online gambling;
an increased amount of free time and a lack of other entertainment activities;
many also justify the increased gambling with a lack of other expenses.

Furthermore, the online casino’s heavy reliance on credit card payments in the iGaming industry made it harder to track the gambling costs for many players, resulting in more money spent on the iGaming.

For the minority of the players, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought financial uncertainty or even a serious decrease in income. Some of the respondents also reconsidered the role of gaming in their lives, some just didn’t want to gamble alone. Hence, this group spent less time and money on gambling activities.

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