UGW: How Do Experts Assess the Launch of Gambling in Ukraine?

By | February 25, 2021

On February 24, Kyiv hosted the Ukrainian Gaming Week 2021 conference, dedicated to the legalization of the gambling market in Ukraine. The event, organized by the international company Smile-Expo, brought together Ukrainian and foreign experts in the Premier Palace Hotel. They discussed the launch of the gambling market and revealed the nuances of the new gambling law. Read more about the event and important gambling news in Ukraine in the following review.

The first to present a speech was Boris Baum, the First Deputy Head of the Advisory and Expert Council of the Commission for Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries.

According to him, one of the main problems that arose already at the start of licensing was the poor-quality filling of documents by operators willing to obtain a license.

“I really hope that the level of legal support for operators who are applying for licenses will improve,” Boris Baum said during the conference.

He also added that many points in the relevant law need to be changed. It will be possible to do this after the created state structures help to receive feedback from operators and representatives of the gambling market on the results of work.

In turn, Tetiana Klymenko, Head of the Legal Department of Law & Trust International, emphasized the importance of legislative regulation of advertising of gambling companies and services during the launch of the gambling business in Ukraine.

The expert mentioned the example of the UK, which has 15 years of experience in regulating gambling. Here, the regulator provides support to operators while guaranteeing protection for gamblers, especially minors and gambling addicts.

In Spain, however, gambling advertising is overregulated. In particular, in order to protect minors and addicted gamblers, the country banned athletes from appearing in advertising for gambling and told operators to advertise their services only on their own websites.

With regard to Ukraine, Tetiana Klymenko noted that for illegal advertising, violators will have to pay 300 minimum wages, which is about 2 million UAH. The expert believes that it is necessary to establish an advertising control system as soon as possible.

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