Total Ban on Credit Cards in Gambling Is Considered in Ireland

By | October 8, 2021

As the latest news about the gambling legislation in Ireland informs, Dáil Éireann – the House of Representatives – is considering a bill, which will put an end to the usage of credit cards in online and land-based gambling.

This law will help to protect gambling addicts from spending excessive sums of money, which they don’t actually have, on gambling.

Bill won’t leave any chances for problem gamblers to use credit cards

The Betting (Prohibition on Use of Credit Cards) Bill won’t allow any conditional approach and will cover the gambling industry as a whole, as opposed to optional prohibitions, which can be canceled easily when they impact the companies’ GGR negatively. According to the Sinn Féin members, the blanket ban on credit cards in gambling is of high importance as it is the only way to protect vulnerable people from the financial and psychological harm of the industry.

Those operators, which won’t follow the requirements and continue accepting credit cards as a payment method, will lose their license. It is expected that the law will introduce positive changes to the industry as, currently, over fifty thousand people in Ireland suffer from gambling addiction. That is why more serious actions are necessary for making the market safer for customers. More about the Irish gambling laws can be found in the online Login Casino magazine.

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