Three Casinos in Chile Paid Tax of CLP$522M in June 2021

By | August 17, 2021

Chile’s casino regulator, the Superintendencia de Casinos de Juego (SCJ), has announced the report for June 2021 tax contribution. The regulator took into consideration the pandemic circumstances, which allowed 3 casinos out of 26 to work, each for 19 days. Check the latest financial news articles on the website.

June 2021 was a challenging period for land-based casinos in Chile. Just 3 gambling establishments could work, which brought CLP$522 million of taxes. CLP$245 million is a gambling tax, which comes to the governments of the regions and municipalities.

The total VAT from gambling is around CLP$233 million. Wherein, the sum, which goes to the general funds of the country, is CLP$44.5 million of the tax for entry to land-based gambling establishments.

The total tax deductions from all three casinos are CLP$1 383 million.

It also should be mentioned about the number of days that were given for each of the casinos in June 2021.


Days of working

Enjoy Antofagasta


Casino de Colchagua


Dreams Punta Arenas


The GGR from three working casinos is CLP$3 807 million, which is 81.8 % of the income of June 2019.

However, the number of customers in the land-based casinos went down by 54.7 % (36 462 customers, who visited all three casinos) comparing to June 2019. During June 2021, the average cost per visit was CLP$104 408. It’s more by 45% than in June 2019.

The number of the voluntary self-exclusion

According to the global gambling news, the actions to protect players from the risk of gambling addiction have become more and more popular around the world. The majority of countries with a developed gambling market practice voluntary self-exclusion. Chile hasn’t become an exception.

In August 2019, the government launched the mechanism, which made the way of self-exclusion much easier and faster. Almost in 2 years, the number of self-exclusions became more by 71% (1 656).

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