The Spanish Market GGR Has Fallen by 5.19% since 2020

By | December 20, 2021

Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling has reported GGR income for the 3rd quarter of the Spanish gambling market. The total GGR is €182.69 million, and compared to the previous year, the sum has decreased. Find the latest financial news of the gambling sector to stay tuned.

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The Spanish market’s GGR in 2021 is €182.69 million. Compared to the previous quarter, the income has fallen by 15.39%. And since 2020, GGR has decreased by 5.19%. The report also includes deposits and withdrawals research for the 3rd quarter. And the difference between this data and data from Q2 is -5.52% and -5.56%, respectively. The marketing rate has fallen as well. In the previous year, the advertising expenditure was higher by 25.07%.

The €182.69 million GGR comprises the betting, bingo, casino, contests, and poker sectors’ incomes.

Betting sector GGR

Since 2020, the bookmakers’ GGR has decreased by 28.61%. And the previous quarter’s income was higher by 35.67%. This sector’s profit is split in pre-match (-57.5%) and in-played (-20.43%) GGR results.  According to the report, the rest of the betting has fallen as well.

Bingo GGR

This sector has shown positive results in profit increase in Q3. The rise is vaunted by 7.59%. However, compared to 2020, the profit is down by 9.72%.

Casinos GGR

Spanish casinos have earned more by 0.48% than in the 2nd quarter. Slots and live roulette are the fastest-growing sectors. Since 2020, their incomes have grown by 30.72% and 22.28%.

Contests GGR

The contest sector has fallen by 79.51% since the previous quarter. Compared to 2020, the income has decreased by 91% as well.

Poker GGR

The poker sector’s Q3 income has decreased by 3.74% over the latest quarter. And the percent of an annual drop is 14.72%.  

The report by the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling also includes the active game account research. The number of active accounts per month is 915 259. Since 2020, the data has grown by 3.79%. And the monthly number of new game accounts is 173 224. There also were 78 operators that got licensed in 2021.

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