The NCPG’s Reaction to Gambling Links Ban on Twitch

By | August 18, 2021

According to the latest casino news, media platforms are concerned about spread gambling, and Twitch is not an exception. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) reacted to Twitch’s decision to ban gambling-related links. In general, this ban is supported, but the NCPG is sure that there must be much more than this.

The main reason for this attention to gambling on the live-streaming services is minors, who are more affected by the gambling addiction. The authorities and regulators of different countries have already made major steps to exclude this problem among people under 18.

Recently, the most popular streaming platform, Twitch, has announced the decision to ban all the links to casino sites and others. This restriction became active on August 17. It also means that it won’t be easy anymore to use the hottest Twitch streamers for gambling-related ads.

The National Council on Problem Gambling has supported this step, but there are lots of doubts about the opportunity to stream games that are not regulated and not even legal somewhere. Content makers are still allowed to stream this kind of game and earn money on this. According to the NCPG, Twitch must be focused more on the users with an inclination to the gambling addiction.

The NCPG’s requirements to Twitch

The main requirement to the streaming service by the NCPG is to limit access to gambling products. There must be strict mechanisms for age verification. The Council is waiting for Twitch to guarantee that content makers, who stream gambling, are adults. They also have to have legal grounds to play such games.

Another requirement is a full openness about the relationship between the sponsor and the streamer. There must be a gambling liability message in both situations when streamers earn money from this and get free games.

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