The Latest Trends and Changes in the Online Poker Industry

By | August 9, 2021

Simone Ricci, Gaming & Sport International Marketing Advisor, discussed the latest changes in online poker in the world and shared some predictions and hope for this gambling sphere.

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As a Gaming & Sport International Marketing Advisor, could you tell us what attracts sponsors the most? What makes them support a poker room?

Today, companies decide to invest in worldwide live poker events, like WSOP or others, because of the possibility to talk to a wide target of poker players on TV or social media. TV or social media are important platforms to communicate, promote, and launch new products or services to a very interested audience. Sponsors also want to offer different experiences to their target audience when they run a promo. And poker could be one of these kinds of experiences.

In what countries is poker the most popular game among all gambling products? Have you noticed any differences in the requirements of poker players from different countries?

It really depends on the culture of the different countries. In the US, it’s very popular because of the TV visibility and a huge offer in the casinos. In Europe, it’s more popular than other casino games, for sure. In the US people are used to playing several different poker games while in Europe or South America Texas and Omaha poker are the most played games. The US players always search for new games even when they are traveling. However, there are non-US pros that are now very strong and skilled in the different poker specialties.

Why is live dealer poker becoming more popular among players? How do sponsors feel about products in the industry like this?

Now there are more sponsors linked to the poker world, like gaming chairs, crypto companies, headphones, energy drink or snack brands, investment websites, etc. They can communicate more straightly to a specific target without wasting a ton of money and have a good ROI in a short time. If an online poker room invests in live poker, it’s because it wants to capitalize on a strictly related target that can generate new online accounts and a new immediate business for them.

What changes have you noticed in the poker industry within the last 5 years?

The poker industry is without doubt growing. In the US more states are legalizing online poker and so the offer of offline and online games is bigger. These types of poker are even more linked, with a sort of hybrid between live and online, so the players can have a bigger offer even if they can’t reach a land-based casino or live tournament. In Europe and South America, poker is growing and the offer is wide enough for all the pockets from recreational players to pro players. It permits the poker rooms to enlarge the possibility to attract new customers and try to put them into the funnel of the other game they offer, live or online.

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