The Founder of the DGA Henk Wolff Spoke About the Experience of Licensing the Online Gambling Industry in the Netherlands

By | March 4, 2021

The process of licensing the online gambling industry has already begun in the Netherlands and has become one of the most important topics of the latest gambling news. Thus, the team decided to talk with Henk Wolff, founder and chief marketing officer of the Dutch Gambling Association (DGA).

The Dutch Gambling Association is the organization aimed at helping new Dutch companies enter the market, obtain licenses, and providing ready-made technical solutions for gambling platforms.

Henk Wolff said that he came up with the idea of ​​creating an association because he had already worked with several online casino platforms and none of them could provide an optimal experience for the player, since most of them had been very outdated. “They did not have the necessary marketing tools, financial and marketing reports, opportunities for players, personalization,” added the expert.

According to Henk, the DGA helps not only with the legal aspects in the process of license application, but also with website customization, conversion and optimization improvements, weekly or monthly reporting.

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Regarding the conditions for staff, Henk admits that the mix of work formats (remote and in the office) gives an excellent result: “I still want to learn a lot. So teamwork and continuous development, learning is the way forward. And this is how we have always seen business, and this is how we see DGA.”

The issue of software, which is aimed at combating money laundering, was also not ignored. Henk Wolff says frankly that Dutch regulation sets very high standards for casinos to prevent money laundering.

“We at the DGA do more than just comply with the law. To control security, we have artificial intelligence that will constantly evolve and automate its work when it encounters signs of money laundering. Thanks to the Dutch rules for setting such a high standard, because it also reinforces our desire to improve.”

At the moment, the illegal gambling market is a problem for the Netherlands. Many people play and do not even know that it is illegal. Kansspelautoriteit (an independent body that supervises and regulates gambling in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, KSA) is effective in blocking illegal casinos. If necessary, its representatives ask Internet providers to block illegal virtual gambling establishments. At the same time, Henk believes that the KSA should do the same with bank accounts in order to prohibit bank transfers to illegal online casinos.

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