The Culture Lottery in Brazil: What Does It Mean?

By | October 11, 2021

According to the local lottery news, the Brazilian lottery market is on the stage of big changes currently. The Culture Commission of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has announced the Culture Lottery launching via the PL 2009/2021 bill. The main operator of it will be the Caixa Econômica Federal.

The main goal of the new lottery game is to donate all the proceeds to the social and cultural programs in Brazil. The ability to play this lottery game will be in each city of the country like all other Caixa’s lotteries.

Jandira Feghali, the MP of Brazil, also offered to transfer the net income from draws to the National Culture Fund (FNC). Jandira Feghali also told what was the inspiration for PL 2009/2021. The successful results of the allocation of lottery funds for Olympic sports have led the government to repeat this formula for culture development.

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The Ministry of Economy will regulate the following:

the form, frequency, and conduct of the draws;
the prizes;
the taxation of the prize;
the number of bets;
interest rates;
the amount of costs for operating expenses and services.

Before the approval, the offer must go through the Finance and Tax Commission, the Constitutional Commission, and the Chamber of Justice Commission. After passing through these stages, the decision will be on the Senate of Brazil.

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