The 7 Best Sports for the Newbie Sports Bettor

By | March 4, 2021

Sports bettors are a different breed. In casino games, most of the work is done for the players. But sports bettors are required to research relentlessly, understand countless tendencies, and have the ability to spot the best value on games.

Getting into the sports betting game is easy, but maintaining a bankroll is incredibly difficult. No other form of gambling can be as profitable as sports betting.

However, the skill set to make any profit is scarce. Let’s look at the seven best sports for the newbie sports bettor.

1 – Football

Football tops the list for several reasons. It’s not surprising that football leads all sports in dollars wagered each year in the United States.

For starters, it’s easy to understand. Most potential sports bettors in the United States are familiar with the game and players. This familiarity can dramatically diminish the growing pains for the newbie sports bettor.

Next, there’s the sheer volume of games available each week. Sports bettors have the juggernaut of the NFL playing games every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday during the season.

So, the games are spread out through the week to keep things from becoming stagnant mid-week. Most of the games will be on Sunday, which means you don’t need to wait for days to have that parlay pay off.

Football bettors also have the massive college football machine to place wagers on every week. Games take place several nights a week, but the action primarily unfolds on Saturdays. This schedule allows sports bettors to fill their Saturdays with college action and fill their Sundays with NFL action.

One of the biggest draws to betting on football online is the relatively low amount of scoring on the field. This leads to quite a few upsets from week to week.

Upsets are where the savvy sports bettor will be able to find the most value and score big wins over the sportsbook. The fact that many of you are already very familiar with either NCAA college football or the NFL is the most crucial factor for choosing football as a newbie sports bettor.

2 – Horse Racing

The horse races are where many sports bettors get their start. Going to the racetrack to enjoy the ponies is one of the most electric scenes in the sports betting world.

If you’re at the track, then you’ll be able to enjoy the races in person. And I can guarantee that sports betting jumps to a vastly different plane when the action is unfolding right before your eyes.

Also, you get the entire pre-race experience. The races take place outdoors, and the energy there is unmatched.

I remember going to the races with the whole family when I was in high school. I don’t remember a single time we didn’t at least live with a little cash. Having my dad around to throw us a few tips certainly didn’t hurt.

As much of a thrill as it is to cheer on the Thoroughbreds as they gallop around the oval, you can also bet on simulcast races. These are televised events that you can watch on screens at the track.

Overall, everyone should experience the pageantry and atmosphere of horse races at least once. I personally prefer the evening races during the summer.

You can bet on horse racing and enjoy some beverages. Then, after the races, some race tracks host other events, sometimes even concerts.

On top of that, the betting choices for horse racing are relatively straightforward and easy enough for any newbies to pick up.

3 – Tennis

For the newbie sports bettor that wants to win big quickly, tennis offers an exciting option.

Tennis only has a few big tournaments each year. These majors are enormous events with many of the world’s top players.

Still, the cream usually rises to the top. Both the men’s and women’s sides have a few contenders that almost always find their way in the finals.

You’ll quickly learn who these perennial favorites are. And once you’ve unlocked that, it becomes pretty easy. However, there is one essential aspect to profiting from tennis: It would be best if you had a huge bankroll.

Most sportsbooks aren’t in the business of giving money away, and the odds you’ll get on players like Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic are abysmal.

So, you’re going to need to be wagering large sums of money just to turn a profit. Still, suppose you have the capital and the fortitude to lay serious cash. In that case, tennis can be an excellent avenue.

4 – Soccer

Soccer is undeniably the most popular sport on the planet. It’s also been called the most straightforward sport to bet on by many.

Soccer’s popularity lends itself to be among the best sport for newbies. I always insist that punters stay away from games that they’re unfamiliar with when betting.

There is a ton of information to decipher when unfolding the best values at the sportsbook. Understanding the nature of the game and being comfortable with the players will go miles towards your pending failure or success.

Soccer matches are continually going on, and this creates a vast number of choices for bettors. This variety allows punters to choose from the games they’re most confident in.

Keep in mind that it’s imperative to stick to the data. Soccer fans are passionate and incredibly loyal, which is fantastic.

Unfortunately, carrying that same loyalty into your gambling habits may have a dangerous and expensive impact on your bankroll. Leave your jersey at the door and make wagers based on where the best value is for the matches available.

5 – Cricket

Cricket is unfamiliar to many US sports bettors. That’ll likely change as we begin to understand the potential cricket offers for sports bettors.

The game is unique and is probably closest to baseball in gameplay. However, the trends and the way the games are decided mostly resembles American football.

The top teams are vastly superior on the field to their lower-ranked opponents. I’m not saying upsets won’t happen, but it’s far less common than in other sports.

I encourage the newbie sports bettor to learn everything they can about cricket. Learn the teams and their trends before placing a single bet.

Having little to no emotional attachment to a team or specific player will allow you to bet on sports the way the elite sports bettors do. With zero investment in a team’s win/loss record, you can merely look for the best value.

6 – Baseball

Baseball is America’s pastime. The game is an institution, and everybody loves a good baseball game under the stadium’s sun or lights.

I’m sure that most of us spent summer days playing the game and spent nights watching the pros on television. My parents’ attic is full of boxes of baseball cards to this day.

It’s this intrinsic knowledge of the game that makes it an excellent choice for newbie sports bettors.

A Typical MLB Season Is Comprised of 162 Games

That means you’ll have games happening every day of the week for months. Having so many games available means newbies won’t get bored by a lack of action and begin making bad bets with little value.

The baseball season offers an exciting aspect to sports betting. Each day the line-ups change to accommodate wear-on pitchers and the grind of playing so many games.

The line-up changes provide newbie sports bettors with endless hours of research to put together a winning week.

The rewarding feeling you’ll get when it all comes together is the type of rush that gets many sports bettors hooked.

7 – Boxing

Boxing has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Still, it’s likely to never return to its full former glory due to the rise of MMA.

For newbie sports bettors, boxing is a thrilling choice. The sweet science is simple and straightforward. Two men enter the ring, and the better man wins 99.9% of the time.

Now, deciding who will be the victor is the tricky part. You’ll need to gather as much information as possible regarding the boxer’s previous fights. More importantly, you’ll need to gather knowledge on how the fighter has prepared for the upcoming bout.

The betting part is pretty simple. You bet on a win for a particular fighter or a draw. However, you can find better value if you get a little specific.

For Example:

Let’s imagine Fighter A is a clear favorite in the bout. You may decide to place a bet that Fighter A will win by KO in the fourth round. These types of bets will offer much better odds than only betting on the fighter to win.

Newbies to the boxing world shouldn’t have much difficulty finding the best bets by doing some research. On top of that, boxing is one of the most thrilling sports to watch on the planet.


The world of sports betting is exciting and can be incredibly profitable. The seven best sports for the newbie sports bettor offer something for everyone.

Which sport you land on is really just a matter of personal preference. Still, I encourage you to consider stepping out of your comfort zone.

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