The 3 Best Sports for Newbie Sports Bettors

By | March 10, 2021

You may have experience in online casino gambling. However, did you know sports betting is an entirely different breed of gambling as compared to casino games? In most casino games, all the work is operated for you and you hold most of the cards. However, in sports, every strategic bet is backed by research, statistics, comparison, and at the end of the day, you would still depend on how the actual players of the gameplay the ball once it is on.

In betting on sports, like football, you go and check for the latest lines. One example is when someone checks for the latest NFL odds before a game. You look up playing history for a player or the entire team, and you compare it against the opposing team. With that in mind, knowing the easy sports to bet on for a beginner is important. You do not want to end up being overwhelmed by all the jargon and mumbo-jumbo when you are just starting.

Here are the top three best sports you can bet on as a newbie bettor.


There is no doubt that football (or soccer in the United States) is the biggest and most popular sport in the world. Almost all major countries have their local football league or team, and most regions have their major leagues played annually or sometimes, bi-annually.

So, you never run out of games to bet on. Is the League you are betting on already done with the finals? Just wait for a few weeks, and a different one will kick off its new season. Usually, it is mostly the same set of teams and players.

In addition to that, scores in football are relatively low, which means that there are fewer upsets in bets as compared to other bets with a higher score range per game.

Horse racing

Although soccer/football is the biggest sport in the world, did you know that horseracing is considered by many as the most newbie-friendly sport to bet on? What makes this easy is that you can make a good bet on it even if you have virtually zero knowledge about the sport and how it works. Usually, all you need to know is the name of the horse you are betting on and how much you are betting on it for and you are good to go.

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