Tetiana Shumakova Speaks about Benefits of Instant Games

By | February 19, 2021

Tetiana Shumakova, a Product Owner at Evoplay Entertainment, has told Login Casino about instant games, their attractiveness to users and operators, which consider this product type for adding to the library of games.

Instant games have started to become a hot topic since autumn of last year. Can you tell us a bit about why it’s starting to trend?

The popularity of instant games is surging for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, the diversity of mechanics they offer provide the level of variety demanded by the new generation of players, which is really proving to have strong appeal.

The second factor is simplicity. Instant games are easy to understand but compelling to play. Much of the gameplay shares similarities with the likes of Heads or Tails and Tetris and can be enjoyed by experienced enthusiasts and total newcomers alike. Slots, on the other hand, often take some getting used to – and the barrier for entry is the reason why you’re unlikely to see the majority of sports bettors getting involved in this vertical. Finally, let’s not forget how the immediacy of the outcome ramps up the excitement factor. After all, the clue is in the name – instant games provide an entertainment experience, which is uniquely instantaneous.

What does it offer players that slots and table games can’t provide? Does it appeal to a more wide-ranging demographic than slots, for example?

To put it simply – slot games do not offer the same level of variety. Table games, meanwhile, are more difficult to understand and play, so it’s a distinctive combination of simplicity and diversity that makes instant games stand out – and an attractive proposition for anytime for a gambler.

Given these strengths, it’s not surprising, therefore, to see them garnering such widespread player appeal. Instant games re-create the rush of excitement enjoyed by so many while playing “rock, paper, scissors” and the like – offering an easy-to-understand format that is in many cases, already popular the world over. Finally, it would also be remiss not to mention the potentially huge wins offered by each click of the “play” button! Such immediate entertainment never goes amiss.

Take us through the development process of an instant game. What’s different about it, and what key features are POs looking to apply?

Developing an instant game is a very exciting process. The team loves pitching in with theme ideas, and we have a lot of fun while creating the premium quality titles for which Evoplay Entertainment is known.

The unique element of instant game development is the absence of a reusable template from which to start. Every title must be created from scratch. State-of-the-art mathematical modeling is a must, as is rapid yet compelling gameplay. That said, overloading a game with different mechanics is a bad idea. The trick is to create a product that is simple, but exciting. Each game requires a unique approach, and I’m very proud of what we achieve here.

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