Target Audience: A Portrait of Online Casino Players in 2021

By | March 3, 2021

How old is the average online gambler? Where in the world is online gambling participation highest? How many online gamblers are female? The harder a question is to answer, the more important it may be for painting a portrait of your target audience. Get to know your players better with the look at the target audience for the iGaming industry of 2021.

Online casino gaming and sports betting are a fast-paced, dynamic, and — above all — profitable industry, according to the financial gambling news. The constant technological innovations and changing regulations around the globe make it one of the most exciting businesses to be in, with every day bringing a new challenge or opportunity. Perhaps most importantly, the current global iGaming boom shows no sign of stopping — recent estimates see global revenues topping $100 billion within the next five years.

After the events of 2020, when iGaming was less affected than many other industries — and even picked up some of the slack left by the closure of land-based casinos — now is looking like a better time than ever to start an online casino. But while online gambling is a unique industry, one basic business principle holds as true for online casinos and sportsbooks as it does for other businesses: the key to success is to know your customer.

Getting a clear picture of the target audience is especially important for new operators, which are just starting their online casino platform and integrating gambling and sports betting software. Keep reading to learn more about the online casino target audience in 2021.

Young and male — are the stereotypes true?

There is no single portrait of the average online gambler. However, while the details will vary from country to country, overall two things tend to be true about online casino players and sports bettors: they tend to be on the younger side (18-35), and they tend to be male (but the gap in the male/female ratio can be as small as a single percentage point).

These are the same tendencies you’d expect from land-based gamblers but exaggerated in the online space. One in-depth study of Canadian players found that while 58% of land-based casino players were male, the percentage rose sharply — to 78% — when it came to online participation. A 2017 Geopoll study found that 69% of males and 44% of females in Kenya had bet on sports. The rate of gambling participation rises dramatically when it comes to young males. 77% of males aged 25-34 had gambled in the past, with nearly 60% of them gambling once a week.

As for age, in many markets, older gamblers — especially those aged 60 and up — are more likely to favor land-based establishments. However, that could change, as in the future the older demographics will likely be more at home with technology than they are now.

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