Streaming in the Gambling Industry: Guide and Tips

By | November 18, 2021

Streaming has become an extremely popular promotion type after the global pandemic came and online space became the main platform for marketing activities. Nowadays, there’re several leading gambling-friendly streaming platforms, which have been actively used by the operators. Find the latest gambling news related to streaming platforms on the Login Casino website.

Streams are the modern analog for the live television broadcast in real-time. The very first television broadcast was made on September 30, 1929. The British BBC audience was the first who saw this. And that’s when live shows on TV started becoming popular around the world.  

Nowadays, the circumstances of the global pandemic made almost all the business sectors transfer to the digital space. And streaming became one of the most famous and efficient ways of promoting any product.

Currently, there can be mentioned a few of the most active entertainment sectors that use streaming platforms for providing:

film industry (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney +, HBO Max, etc.);
gaming and gambling industries (Twitch and YouTube Live).

Twitch is famous in the world as the most popular streaming platform. The monthly number of active streamers on Twitch is 9.2 million. And every day viewers spend an average of 95 minutes on the platform watching their favorite streamers. And the casino streamers are a significant part of these content creators.

What are streaming services?

Streaming services are defined as online providers of any type of entertainment. There are two sides – the content makers and the viewers.

The streaming requirements:

audio interface;
screen capture of software;
encoder to digitize the content;
high-speed Internet connection.

Live streaming can be done with a smartphone, computer, or gaming console.

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