Spillemyndigheden Reports Gambling Industry’s Results for 2020

By | June 21, 2021

The Danish gambling regulator published the news about the gambling industry in 2020. The report encompasses all information about the country’s market performance the previous year.

Spillemyndigheden has overviewed the major sectors of the gambling industry and provided the results in figures.

Lotteries lead the market in Denmark

According to the report, a sector of lotteries was the most prosperous market segment. In 2020, it generated DKK 3 205 million. It covers more than one-third of the overall gaming market. The second place belongs to the remote casino vertical, which has earned DKK 2 453 million. Slots and brick-and-mortar casinos were less popular among gamblers in 2020. Their market share is 11% and 2% respectively. The total industry’s GGR is DKK 9.2 billion, which is a decline by DKK 600 million in comparison to 2019.

An average weekly sum of money a Danish player spent on gambling was DKK 38. It is worth mentioning that more than half of the Danes (64%) prefer to play games at online casinos and bet on sports via mobile devices. The survey also includes a player’s demographic profile. It has been revealed that Danish men prefer gambling more than women – 81% of players are males. As for the age, an average player is a young man aged 26-35.

The report touches upon the topic of channelization as well. According to it, 90% of all online gambling services consumed by users are licensed by the Danish Gaming Authority. This rate has been increasing each year since 2012 due to the gambling industry liberalization allowing operators to offer products legally.

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