Spelberoendegruppen Demands Ban on Quick Loans for Gambling

By | August 3, 2021

As it has been informed in the news about the Swedish law sector of the gambling industry, Spelberoendegruppen calls for the government’s attention to several problems connected with player protection.

The organization’s demands are based on the polls conducted among gambling addicts who visit support meetings.

Quick loans and gambling adverts are the major problems

Spelberoendegruppen is a non-profit institution, which helps all those who have gambling addiction issues and players’ relatives. According to its director, people who reach out to the support team highlight two main triggers, which lead to their problem. They are phone loans and casino advertising. Thus, gamblers often use quick loans to continue playing when they are run out of personal finances.

As for gambling marketing, it is one of the topics, which will be reconsidered by the Swedish government during 2021’s H2. It is expected that the Parliament will make changes to the advertising standards specified in the Gaming Act. Namely, gambling ads will be reviewed more scrupulously. It will allow eliminating non-compliant adverts, which will reduce the number of such marketing campaigns on broadcast and digital platforms. The reconsideration of advertising rules, according to the organization, will help to protect vulnerable social groups and those who suffer from gambling addiction as they won’t be so exposed to gambling promotion.

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