Spanish Lotteries Demand Increase of Sales Commission

By | September 22, 2021

According to the news about the lottery market in Spain, the country’s operators are going to protest today, on September 22, to demand increased income from the sales of their products.

The demonstration will take place in Madrid with the participation of the administrations of the LAE – State Lotteries Agency.

Lotteries complain about a difficult financial situation

The main reason for the protest is insufficient GGR for the lottery operators. Currently, they receive only five cents from each earned euro, which isn’t enough, according to business owners. The previous raise of the commission was back in 2004, however, the situation changed now. The COVID-19 pandemic and other economic circumstances made it difficult for lottery shops to generate revenue and remain profitable.

The association of lottery services providers wants to express dissatisfaction with the current income influenced by a low commission. Some of them say that the lottery operators have an image of rich business owners, but it is far from reality. While the revenue generated by the sector increases by nine billion euros annually, lottery shops are still at the edge of the financial crisis.

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