Slotegrator’s Year in Review: 2021

By | January 6, 2022

A pioneering new product, groundbreaking educational material, and a long list of industry events? It sounds like, despite the pandemic, 2021 wasn’t a bad year for Slotegrator. 

New innovation: Telegram Casino

Slotegrator is constantly analyzing markets, listening to its clients, and coming up with new ways to drive the industry forward. How did that go in 2021? Well, it turned out to be the perfect year to release its updated Telegram Casino product. 

Designed with convenience and privacy in mind, Telegram Casino offers an alternative user experience and provides players more anonymity than a traditional web browser format. The streamlined UX creates a fast and easy avenue to a casino’s backend through the messaging app.

There’s nothing Slotegrator loves more than helping its clients tap into new demographics. The pioneering solution is the first of its kind to hit the Eastern European market, and on top of that, it’s designed to appeal to the tech-loving Generation Z.

Slotegrator can’t tell you how excited it is about Telegram Casino, but it’s far from the only milestone the aggregator passed this year.

New year, new us: the big rebrand

Constant evolution is the only way to stay on the razor’s edge of the iGaming industry. With all the changes Slotegrator has made — new products, new strategies, and new markets — the company felt it was time for a rebranding to reflect how much it has grown. 

The gaming aggregator revisited its core values to ensure its new identity stayed true to its vision while reflecting how much it has changed. Slotegrator wanted to hold on to what’s always made it unique while showing who it has become.

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