Skirmante Paukstiene on Legal Framework for Gambling Services in Lithuania

By | March 9, 2021

Skirmante Paukstiene, a Chief Specialist at Gaming Devices Type Approval and Register Division of the Gaming Control Authority, told the LoginCasino team about the legal peculiarities of the gambling business operation in Lithuania and the pandemic’s effect on the industry.

Read important information provided by the insider as well as news about the country’s gambling market and its regulations.

What are the latest gambling regulations in Lithuania? What is their purpose?

Gambling services in Lithuania were legalized in 2001 when the Gaming Law entered into force. Currently, gambling of the following types can be organized in Lithuania:

machine gaming (in gaming machine halls (Category B machines) and casinos (Category A machines));
table games (roulette, card, or dice games) in casinos;
bingo and totalizator.

Since 2016, gaming can be offered online. The Gaming Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (GCA) is the only body in a position to license, control, and supervise gaming operations in the Republic of Lithuania.

Gaming in Lithuania is regulated under the Gaming Law of the Republic of Lithuania. The latest Gaming Law amendments in the period of last five years are related to:

Online gambling regulation starting in January 2016.

Legal measures against illegal gambling operators were introduced as well (Gaming Law, Article 20 (7)) – domain blocking, payment blocking, blacklisting of illegal gambling operators. Seven companies have permission to operate online gambling in Lithuania. 654 domain names are currently on the blacklist.

Operation of gambling machines not connected with an electronic gambling machine data management system shall be prohibited.
A digital video recording during inventory procedures.
Self-exclusion from gambling regulation in the Gaming Law.
Warning notice in gambling advertising.

Starting from July 1, 2020, it is required for all permitted gambling advertising in Lithuania to contain a warning message about the risk of gambling addiction and pathological gambling.

The Gaming Control Authority has approved the regulation of the warning information on the requirements for the content, its form and submission of permitted gambling advertising that the gambling operators will have to follow. The Gaming Control Authority regularly publishes an updated consultation on requirements related to permitted gambling ads.

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