Singapore Without Illegal Gambling: Actions of the Ministry

By | July 12, 2021

New penalties will be included in Singapore’s gambling legislation overhaul right after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will start public consultation. Check the latest news on the legal sector of the gambling industry to find the details.

Possible changes in the legislation of Singapore may be accepted to differentiate between gambling and gaming. It’s also important to address trends in the gambling area, and technology.

Amendments over the definition of gambling, social gambling, games with gambling elements, and penalties across gambling legislation can be made by MHA. It is needed for ensuring that laws and regulations for the gambling industry remain in force across all trends.

For these penalties, the Remote Gambling Act’s three-tier structure will be used. It will help to identify gamblers, agents, and operators in any gambling activity. The Ministry is ready to raise penalties to reduce the frequent spread of illegal gambling services. Punishment for illegal operators can be in the form of seven years in prison with a fine of $500 000. The UK and Australia were taken as a reference.

Achievements in legalizing gambling in Singapore

The Ministry insisted on the beginning of clamping illegal online gambling operators down in 2015. The offer was blocking websites without licenses. It was based on the Remote Gambling Act (2014).

Singapore Pools became the first licensed operator of online betting services in 2016.

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