Rules for Slot Machine Winnings Marketing in Denmark

By | September 27, 2021

Gambling advertising is the predominant issue in many countries. Some regulators try to ban it at all, some of them impose fines on the operators, and others set clear limits. The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden published the marketing rules for slots winnings. Check the latest legislation news not to miss any updates.

The gambling advertisement in media has already become more popular than ever, even the leading video platform TikTok ad policy lets the operators promote their products.

It has been known that some of the operators promote the slot machines’ winnings, which are more than DKK 600. The Gambling Authority has identified it as the Gambling Act violation.

According to Executive Order № 1289 (2019), the promotion of the winning cannot exceed DKK 600. Games marketing has to allow chances to win in the right and balanced way. It will lead to total responsible gambling without the gambling addiction increasing in the country. If the usual gambling ads can lead to a high level of gambling addiction, the promotion of the big winnings can cause even bigger effects.

The main requirement for the promotion of such big winnings is the mandatory mention of the chance of winning the same sum via other slot machines.

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