Robinhood Crypto Wallet Goes from Alpha to Beta

By | December 30, 2021

Following the hottest cryptocurrency news, Robinhood, a trading application focusing on crypto and stock markets, has recently announced good news – a transition of the app from the alpha version of testing to beta. This transition will take palace in January 2022.

During the alpha testing phase, the company carefully gathered feedback from the customers because it’s crucial for the company to create a product that will satisfy all the needs and preferences of the customers. All the thoughts and comments about the further development of the wallets were sent to the development team to make the dreamy product.

The main points of the customers’ feedback (the alpha testing) were focusing on the following aspects:

To add educational content;
To keep the original design of the app to be familiar with it in the future;
To have one crypto wallet instead of many;
To apply multi-factor authentication for security reasons.

What is more, the waitlist for the beta version was insanely huge. According to the data of Robinhood Crypto Wallet, over 1 million people signed up for the waitlist within the first month after the announcement of the news, and, currently, it consists of 1.6 million people. Not everyone will be able to participate in the beta testing, but this number will increase compared to the number of alpha testers.

Christine Brown, COO at Robinhood App, shared her excitement and future potential of the crypto wallet. In her opinion, if the stats shows that so many people are waiting for the app’s final release, then its future should be bright.

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