Robert Kraft: “Sports Betting in the US Is a Bit of a Wild West”

By | November 8, 2021

According to the news about the bookmaking industry of the United States, the American market is growing at a fast pace. And marketing of betting products remains an important issue, which is yet to be tackled. 

Robert Kraft, a founder of Atlas World Sports and an expert with almost 20 years of experience in direct marketing, has spoken about the peculiarities of sportsbook advertising in the US. The expert has also shared his vision on the preferences of American bettors, talked about the upcoming trends in the sports betting industry.

How does marketing in the online betting vertical of the US differ from marketing in the other industries?

I think the biggest challenge is understanding the regulatory framework. Advertisers want to drive traffic to all of the major betting companies. But it’s important to understand how we can market within, say, Facebook, Google, or Twitter, and make sure we are using appropriate language, respecting the fact that you have to be 21 years to legally bet in the United States; as well as, in certain states, sports betting is not legal yet. (Now, almost half of the states are legal and operational, and over the next few years, that will occur significantly more.) For now, that is probably the biggest difference from the marketing background in general, in which I’ve been my whole career. If you, say, wanted to market for a manufacturing company or some type of consumer products company, or any kind of consumer goods, you could just market it no matter what. And you didn’t have to think responsibly the same way. And the social impact of understanding the consumer is also important.

What are the biggest challenges that advertisers face when complying with the gambling laws of the US?

It becomes much more difficult and stringent for the tier-ones, which would be the sportsbooks. We as marketing and affiliate marketing companies are at a tier-two level. Not only we’re not transacting money to the sportsbooks, but we are also not an actual sportsbook or bookmaker itself. So, for us, it’s easier. But we have to respect the framework that we need to market the sportsbooks in and the way it should be done within their businesses. If we marketing a betting operator, we need to make sure we’re doing it respectfully and appropriately and within their tier-one guidebook.

Which type of content, maybe, video, podcasts, or live streams, helps to gain maximum retention in the US betting market?

That’s a good question. But we’re such a nascent marketplace. It’s just getting going in the United States. It was only a May of 2018 that the US Supreme Court overruled the fact that states outside of Nevada would not be able to have sportsbooks. So, as a result of that, we’re only really three years into this market. While, for example, England, Ireland, and most of the EU have been very mature, they’ve been going for twenty years or so.

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