Retro Online Slots: Staying Relevant in a Modern World

By | August 3, 2021

The online casino is expanding at an incredible rate. Today, the revenues for the sector are in the billions, which makes it one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Not bad for a branch that only took off in popularity terms a decade or so ago. 

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But new opportunities also bring new threats, and retro slot machines have experienced more than most games. Since technology has taken over the industry, classic titles have needed to find a way to remain relevant. Thankfully for lovers of old-school gaming, developers have managed to succeed thanks to a combination of factors. 

Mixing themes with games 

A video slot machine appears to have a lot of advantages over a classic slot since it can rely on advanced software. However, gamers don’t always want the latest graphics or software. Often, the user experience centers on how people think and feel when they consume games, and retro online slots know this better than anyone. 

This is because themes are regular occurrences. For instance, the majority of them will leverage old-fashioned casino icons to remind you of the older, physical slot machines. Releases such as Diamond Strike and Hot to Burn highlight this the best as traditional symbols are used throughout, from sevens to fruits and bells.

Alternatively, other classic slots prefer to introduce jewels throughout the gameplay to suggest the potential profitability involved when you select the game, such as Diamond Wild. As a result, retro slots have become some of the most popular titles on the market. Starburst, for example, follows the tactics above and is universally beloved by gamers. 

The use of themes goes one step further when features linked to retro gaming appear on classic online slot machines. Everything from the background imagery and music to the sound effects and pixel art-based graphics takes you back to a bygone era before technology wasn’t so advanced.

Greater pars aren’t detected 

Studies suggested increasing pars would lead to a gaming revolution because customers would recognize the changes and bounce to competitors. However, this isn’t the case as research proves that increases in the house edge have been implemented with no signs of detection. Essentially, the industry hasn’t altered much for gamers.

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