Polish Ministry Reminds That Playing Illegal Slots Is Crime

By | August 26, 2021

In recent news, the Polish Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Administration warn players that not all slot machines are legal in the country.

The government agencies emphasize that playing on unlicensed slots is a crime, and it can lead to a fine. Only legal casino gaming software is allowed.

The Ministry has listed out places where slots are licensed

Poland, like a few other countries, has a monopoly regime on games of chance. In the case of this state, Totalizator Sportowy, a government-owned gambling company, has an exclusive right to organize gambling on slots. All the information about legitimate slot machine arcades is available on its official website.

The Polish Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Administration call players to familiarize themselves with the list of licensed services and keep away from unregulated gambling products. The Ministry warns about the fine for using illegal gaming machines, which is up to 120 daily rates, and the penalty of 100% of the money won. In addition to this, it underlines that such entertainment is a fiscal crime and, respectively, a breach of the law. More news and articles about the peculiarities of gambling regulations in Poland can be found on the Login Casino website.

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